All Ages

Experience personalized orthodontic care for all ages at LevelUp Orthodontics.


Our Phase 1 orthodontic treatment is designed for kids at about age 7 and addresses early issues such as crossing, bite issues, and jaw irregularities early on. By starting orthodontic care at a young age, we can create a solid foundation for their future smiles, ensuring they’ll shine brightly as they grow.


We offer a range of orthodontic solutions including braces and aligners tailored to each individuals needs and preferences. Our experienced team works closely with teenagers, involving them in their treatment decisions and providing a supportive environment to make their orthodontic journey a positive and empowering experience.


With discreet options like clear aligners, we can help achieve the smile they desire without compromising their professional appearance. Our personalized approach and advance edit techniques ensure efficient and effective treatment, allowing adults to embrace their orthodontic journey confidently.

Damon Braces

Experience the revolution in orthodontic treatment with Damon braces at LevelUp Orthodontics. These state-of-the-art braces feature self-ligating brackets that eliminate the need for elastic or metal ties, reducing friction and greater comfort.

The advanced technology of Damon braces allows for more efficient tooth movement, leading to shorter treatment times and fewer office visits. Not only do Damon braces provide outstanding results, but they also offer a discreet and aesthetically pleasing option for orthodontic treatment.


Unleash your style and embrace a modern twist on braces with InBrace and Wild Smile Braces at LevelUp Orthodontics!

Wild Smiles

Unleash your creativity and Level Up your smile with Wild Smiles Braces. These uniquely designed braces are customized specially for our Phase 1 kiddos featuring fun shapes such as stars, hearts, and sports balls, allowing for creativity and individuality while straightening your teeth. Embrace the wild side of orthodontics and make your smile truly one-of-a-kind with Wild Smiles Braces.

Spark & Invisalign

Individualized Options for every smile

Invisalign® First

Give your child the gift of a confident smile from an early age with Invisalign First at LevelUp Orthodontics. Designed with your child's comfort in mind, it offers a discreet and convenient orthodontic solution that parents can trust. With Invisalign First, you can ensure your child's smile develops beautifully, giving them the best start on their journey to a lifetime of oral health and confidence.

Invisalign® Teen

Give your teenager the gift of a confident smile with Invisalign® Teen. These virtually invisible aligners offer a discreet and comfortable way to straighten their teeth, allowing them to smile with confidence throughout their treatment. With added features like the indicator dot that fades over time, parents can have peace of mind knowing their teen is wearing their aligners as prescribed.

Invisalign® Adult

Discover the power of Invisalign for adults at LevelUp Orthodontics. With clear, removable aligners, Invisalign offers a discreet and convenient way to achieve a straighter smile without disrupting your busy adult lifestyle. Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to a seamless orthodontic experience that fits perfectly into your daily routine. With the ability to remove the clear aligners, you can enjoy your favorite foods and maintain excellent oral hygiene by brushing and flossing as usual.


Experience the unmatched quality of Spark aligners at LevelUp Orthodontics. Utilizing TruGen material, these aligners are not only highly durable but also remarkably comfortable and resistant to stains. With their precise fit and advanced force retention, Spark aligners provide optimal contact with your teeth, ensuring effective treatment. Embrace the strength and reliability of Spark aligners as you confidently embark on your smile transformation.

Cutting-Edge Solutions

Experience the transformative power of our cutting-edge technology, designed to deliver precise and efficient orthodontic solutions for your smile.


With Grin Remote Monitoring, we can closely monitor your progress and provide virtual support throughout your treatment journey. By leveraging digital tools and remote communication, Grin Remote Monitoring allows us to track your tooth movement, assess treatment effectiveness, and make timely adjustments when needed. This innovative approach saves you time and unnecessary office visits while ensuring that you receive the highest quality orthodontic care.


iTero eliminates the need for messy impressions and provides a more comfortable experience for our patients. By capturing detailed 3D images of your teeth, iTero allows us to create customized treatment plans and visualize the predicted outcome of your orthodontic journey. This state-of-the-art technology ensures accurate measurements, efficient treatment, and a seamless transition to your new smile.

3D Printing

Experience the future of orthodontics with 3D printing technology at LevelUp Orthodontics. By harnessing the power of this cutting-edge technology, we can create precise and customized orthodontic appliances, such as aligners and retainers, tailored specifically to your unique dental needs. 3D printing ensures a perfect fit, enhanced treatment outcomes, and a more comfortable orthodontic experience.

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